Bombplanet 1944
during the night of 29-30 August 1944 crashed several allied bombers in Skåne. One of them at Svensköp.

March 17, 2012: Outside Svensköp on Linderödsåsen is a sign "Bombplanet 1944". What is it? Curious. I park the car and follow the arrows.

Bombplanet 1944

Inside the spruce grove is a monument in the form of an aircraft propeller. A copy of the propeller to the British Lancaster bomber that crashed here during the night between August 29 to 30 1944. The plane was hit by a German fighter (Messerschmitt), the act shooter was killed. The pilot steered the plane toward Skåne, where the crew jumped with parachute. Unfortunately landed all but one, the pilot who stayed longest on the plane, in the sea and drowned. The stray plane continued on its own and crashed out here at Svensköp with a big bang. The plane had still his bomb load and it exploded on the impact.

Bombplanet 1944

That night crashed several allied bombers in Skåne.

A tragic little detail in a cruel great tragic war. Humans believe themselves to be incredibly intelligent, but still continue to kill each other in the name gods, money, and power. Man is actually an incredibly stupid animal.

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Map (Perhaps I do not remember the exact location)