nature reserve southwest of the Hörby. Hardwood forests and meadows with rich flora.

April 1, 2016 Hepatica
Hepatica times. Take the road from Löberöd to Hörby. Take west in Lyby against Fogdarp. Shortly after a power line is a narrow gravel road north to Askebacken nature reserve. At the reserve is a parking.

A path through the forest. Many fallen trees. Leaving the trail and walk in the woods hunting hepatica. There, a single. Down a slope. Come to wild garlic.

Up to the path again. Wood anemones on the way to bloom. Suddenly an area of ​​hepatica. Stretching in the sun. The trail continues through wild garlic. Disappears from among trees. Ends at a stile to pasture.

Adjacent is the transmission line. Beneath is a grassland. Access forbidden in the summer time. Must be a return when meadow flowers begins.

Return with a detour into the woods. Brushy, crawling under tree trunk. Stretches me in the calf. Coffee on a tree trunk. Among hepatica.

Moving on through the forest. Pezizales? Back in the parking lot. A dog barks at a farm. Drive. A dog barks, rushes out from behind the car.