Sankt Johannes kyrka
from the early 1900s at the Triangle in Malmo. A spacious church built of red brick, with tower in the north, the interior filled with roses, so-called 'Rose Church'.

November 26, 2011: Coming up from the station Triangeln. At the site is St Johannes Church, built in 1903-1906 in red brick. The church has recently been refurbished. The tower is on the north side, instead of the usual west, it should highlight that there was a new time. Can not resist going into the church, have time for that. Light a candle in the light bearer. The walls are supported by columns with carved roses. The walls are adorned with paintings. The roses are also on the baptismal font made in sandstone. The altarpiece from 1909 is made of oak, the subject is Jesus: "Let the children come to me." The artist's family was modeled to some of the figures. Above the altar-piece are large colored windows. The pulpit is of oak with stories from the life of Jesus. The organ is new, but part of the organ pipes are older. It is Advent, and the nativity scene is in place.

Sankt Johannes församling