in the archipelago of Blekinge, with cliffs, slopes, woods, meadows and pasture. The whole island is a nature reserve.

August 8, 2019
Drive off the E22 at Åryd. Follow the road east towards Bräkne-Hoby. Just before Bräkne-Hoby, the road is south to Järnavik. At the harbor is a parking, there are some empty slots. Cloudy, rain in the air. There is no shelter against rain where the boat to Tjärö leave. We and some others are waiting. When we leave a heavy rain shower start. Blows and the rain whips. It is a short tour of about 15 minutes. Just when we arrive in Tjärö the shower ends. The only houses on the island are hostels, small red-painted wooden houses from the 19th century. The reception is in the same house as the café in the harbor. There is also a large restaurant in the harbor. Gets a key to our room in Annies, a house a bit remote from the others. Our room has a shower and toilet. We also booked breakfast in the restaurant.

Walk the path to Annies. In the common room stands a beautiful sofa group. From our window we have a view of the sea. Before dinner, which we booked in the restaurant, we take a short walk in the surroundings. If you continue the path west you come to the bathing area at Tjäröklippan. The weather does not invite bathing. Walk the path towards the harbor. Past fine red-painted wooden houses. With names like Ingemans, Allemans, Tolvan. An orpine blooms. Going south, a rocky landscape. View of the harbor. Rowan are full of berries. In a tree hangs a frame. View of the small islands west of the island. Going back past Anrick's cabin and Allemans.

Time for dinner at the restaurant in the harbor. We take the buffet. A meat dish and a fish dish, then you are satisfied. Outside comes a rain shower, a rainbow blows out over the harbor. Evening stroll towards the sauna raft. Nice fence, stones, flowering heather. On a jetty stands a family with children, young people are out fishing. The evening falls. Dew rain falls as we walk towards Annies. Take a shortcut over a meadow with beautiful white moss to our house.

August 9, 2019
The sun shines. Goes down to the restaurant and a good breakfast buffet. Sitting out on the wooden deck and eating. Then goes exploring on the southern half of the island. Follows the yellow trail loop counterclockwise. Narrow isthmus with rocks. Past a large boulder block and the bathing area at Inre Svajan. Look no good, wait for a bath. Going up on cliffs overlooking the sea and the small islands. Some barbecue places. Still on flat cliffs with sea views. Beautifully. Becoming more of a lush forest with moss and fern. A stone fence, an arrow shows up on a cliff with views. Continue on the yellow trail through the forest, over a heath. View to the east. The ferry comes with new guests. Coming to big cliff, below it a guest harbor. Expensive boats are anchored. Back at the Inner Svajan and back across the isthmus. Cows now lie next to the path and ruminate. Quenches thirst with elder must in the cafe. Talking to a couple who was on the boat yesterday. They will have a family reunions on the island.

In the northern part of the island, Nabben, it should be a bathing place. We are longing for a swim. Going the blue trail. Across fields, along beautiful stone fence. The bathing area is a rock bath. Hm, the rocks are slippery in the water. The balance is not the best anymore, forget the bath. Sit on the rocks and enjoy. A woman with children adds with a motor boat. A smaller company adds to a bay. Walking across the field, past the fireplace, back to the cafe and afternoon waffle.

A bath is a must. Many people at Tjäröklippan, where children jump off the cliff. Nothing for us. Want a more quiet place. So we go south again, past the cows, to the bathing area at Inre Svajan. Long-shallow but calm and nice bath nevertheless. Sit down on the rock. See how canoes add up. Some hikers pass by. Cows graze. The canoeists settle down on the cliff. The evening is approaching. Returning, the cows are peacefully lying and rumbling. A teenage girl pats one. It gets annoyed and gets up, it is BIG. The girl gets scared and runs away. Goes to Annie's to get ready for dinner in the restaurant. It won't be a buffet today, take a simple dish. Then sit at the Tjäröklippan and watch the evening pass by. A girl is posing for her boyfriend in front of the cliff.

August 10, 2019
A mixed day, a little light rain, in between some sun. Varying weather. Sit inside and have breakfast. Cleaning the room. Going down to the harbor. Ladugården's kitchen fill a bottle of water. At the pier are many nice and expensive boats. Just us going with the boat. Talk to the skipper for a while. He is from Alingsås, we discuss, among other things, the steamboat Herbert who during the summers goes on tours on Lake Mjörn. Went with it in 2005. Now we take the ferry back to Järnavik where some who are going out to Tjärö are waiting. The car remains.