Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Skåre skansar

7 August 2009: 181 Skegrie it says wrongly on the bus. 'I drive to Höllviken, Vellinge' declares the driver. She promises to stop in Skåre because I can not the stops. When I see the road sign 'Skåre' I anyway press the stop button, for safety's sake. Can be only one stop in Skåre. Skåre, between Trelleborg and Höllviken, turns out to be a small residential community and marina. Some boats seem to be fishing boats. No fish sales, I do not seeany activity at all in the harbor. Go east to the end of  the village where the Skåre skansar is located in a pasture. On the beach stands a tent with a Swedish flag waving on top. The earthworks were built up on the orders of King Karl XII in the early 1700s, some may be from 17th century, as a defense against an invasion. In the corner is a fort from the Second World War. I take the long, high step to get over the fence. Can not be many people who visit the area. Goes up on the fort. Towards east stretches an earth embankment. Follow it. Towards the highway is something I think is a "redutt", mound with place for artelleri. I suspect that there is a residue of a moat surrounding it. Sheeps monitor and care for the earthworks. I continue east on the earth embankment, alongside is a less visible earthwork. After 500 metets, I come to a fence at a parking lot. Get with difficulty over the fence. Beyond the car park is another "redutt". The car park is for the bathing place. It is shallow, a jetty is going out into the water. Surprisingly little to people given the fine weather, perhaps because it is not a perfect beach? It's a refreshing bath. Goes back to Skåre through the field, and take the bus back to Trelleborg.