Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Nunnäs grave-field

2 April 2010: The car has been standing for three weeks. It starts with some doubts. I buy a French waffle in Flyinge Hembageri. Drive then to Fulltofta recreational area northeast of Lake Ringsjön. Park in the parking lot to the Hovgårdsmöllan trail along the road between Fulltofta and Ludvigsborg. I  pass Hovgårdsmöllan, with foundations, dam wall, and a stream. An excursion by itself. Continues to the gravel road leading south to the oak grove with Nunnäs  grave-field. Here is a small parking area. The grave-field consists of a stone circle, six stone ships, a number of standing and fallen stones. The field is from the iron age. In to the field is a stile. An unreadable and one readable sign tells about the area. The oaktops spread above the graves. Behind the trees and agricultural tools (the field is located next to a farm) is a glimpse of Ringsjön. The grove is on a low hill, to the north have I a view of farmland. I walk around studying rocks from different perspectives. I admire mosses, lichens, on stones and tree trunks. A natural art-round. I drink coffee and eat my french waffle with a ship rock as support. Takes a chocolate out of my easter egg. Go back the same way. The car starts nicely.