Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Manhögarna

30/11 2008: I leave the city and the 'celebration' of the 'hero king' Charles XII. Celebrate an autocratic, despotic, and unsuccessful king? It is rather a battle than celebration, there will certainly be trouble with the other equally undemocratic outer edge. Then it is better to visit a historic site from the time before the nation states and celebrate Advent 1st for myself. I park at Hofterups church. It is worship, and there are only a few vacancies in the parking lot. I go south on the road and into the gravel road to Storegård. Before and north of Storegård it is grazing land without fences or fences that fall together. I walk out on the land. On the flat height north of the farm is Manhögarna located, where one of the mounds is 25 meters in diameter and has a passage-grave where the roof stones are gone except at the tomb entrance. Else are the mounds barely visible. I eat my lunch in the passage-grave and have my own 1st Advent worship. North is Hofterups church, south is Löddeköpinge visible. A bird of prey hover and geese plow the overcast sky above me. There are no troublemakers here. I continue to Barsebäckshamn where there is a christmas market going on until Christmas. I drink mulled wine and buy a hyacinth. On the way home drives a police car with the bluelight on towards the city. The news says that there is trouble there. When I get home I get a tomb of light on the cat's grave.