Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Krutladan

26/12 2008: I take the bus, Skåneexpressen 6, to Vasaholm between Dalby and Veberöd. From the bus stop do I walk south on the gravel road towards Krutladan. Hoarfrost covers everything, and there is ice on a pond. I pass through a forest. I'm looking for an erected stone and a stone ship to be immediately north of the farm Krutladan and adjacent to the small gravel road. It is not easy to find. On the meadow north of the farm is nothing. I walk up the slopes before the meadow, where I scare away deer and pheasants. A string of deer disappear over the field in the west. On the north side of the hill is an erected stone, to the north is a small tufty meadow land adjacent to the road. The sun lights up the hoarfroasted tufts. Perhaps one can interpret the tufts as a stone ship? I decide that and go back to the bus stop. The bus is 15 minutes late, when it arrive it pass without stopping. I call Skånetrafiken service center who says that I can take a taxi at their expense. There is heavy traffic, it is perhaps faster to hitchhike? It is unnecessary to bring a taxi way out here, think of the environment. Nobody stops. Perhaps because I am not young, not beautiful, not a woman? I am not so old as to Skånetrafiken service travel stops. Perhaps I should walk to Dalby? I trudge the old road, past a milestone, and is soon at Knivsåsen. Maybe I should wait for the next coach here on 90 minutes? Skåneexpressen 5 pass by, could it not stopped and picked up a leftover? What if the next bus does not stop? I call a taxi, and are lucky that they happen to have a vacancy for a car that is already in Dalby. Some minutes later, I am on the way to Lund. The receipt of 350 kronor do I send to Skånetrafiken. Perhaps I will be refunded.