petroglyphs east Simrishamn is the best preserved petroglyphs in Skåne. The most famous figure is the dancer.

October 3, 2015
At the last visit was the "Dancer" destroyed. It is a human figure with bird-like characteristics. Someone had tried make a cast of it, which is strictly forbidden, and destroyed the rock. Walk across the rock to the site of the dancer. "The Dancer" is visible again. Seems freshly cleaned. See no moss or other traces on it.

Else everything is the same as previous visit. Walk around among ships, footprints, shoes, animals, figures, people, cup marks. Two women arrive. One tell a lot about the rock carvings. Among other things, that most of the footsteps point to Bornholm. There is a rock art where the footsteps point here. Coincidence?

One may wonder what all symbolizes. Perhaps the art at the time?

25 April 2010
Bus to Järrestad. Walk the road to Gladsax, 3 miles north. To the west of the road is a rock with petroglyphs in a field. There is no information at the road about their existence. I pass by, to visit Gladsaxehus. I leave the later Gladsax and go back to the rock carvings. It is possible to park in the meadow next to the paddock. One get into the area through a gate. Was here on a bike ride 1998th.  I look for the figure known as the dancer. Can not find it first. Someone is said to have destroyed it by making a cast and then used oil the take if off from the rock. The oil has penetrated into the rock and discolored it. The figure is barely visible, one must look in a certain direction. Please - be careful with our antiquities! Walk around and study the ships, feet, animals, footprints with toe, spirals. On the rock are hundreds of carvings. I sit down with my lunch as a modern monument and looks over the landscape. The rock has gentle slope towards south. Time to go home. Goes back to Järrestad. The Järrestad church has it's origin in the 1100s.

See the pictures and read diary from my visit to Gladsaxehus.