Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Fosie

6 Jan 2010: The virus that has occupied my body is almost gone. Take the bus 170 to Fosie church in southern Malmö. Almost door to door. Bypasses a belfry to the funeral chapel. Outside the gate of the church is a rune stone, decorated with snow today. The information plate is covered with snow. The snow lies untouched around the stone, let it be so. "Asbjorn erected this stone after Dwarf, his friend, (a) good fighter", it says on the stone according to my book. The church is located on Malmö's highest point, 37 meters, which gives a view. The cemetery is beautifully embedded in the snow. The church was built in the 1100s, but has undergone renovations. A major in 1896 was radical. Towards the church wall is a gravestone with squiggly text. At the memorial grove is a fine piece of art, birds in flight. It clears up, the church and the snow pictures a beautiful scenery. I return to the bus stop and take the bus home.