Vomb meadows
along Klingavälsån, between Krankesjön and Vombsjön. The meadows are at times under water and is a paradise for birds and bird interested.

27 February 2011: In Harlösa I take south, drive past Silvåkra, over one cattle grid. This is the land of muzzle. The cattle roam freely. After a while, is a sign "Vomb", pointing to a narrow dirt road to the east. After a cattle grid and the bridge over Klingavälsån are two observation towers and parking. The road continue between meadows on to Vomb. On the flooded meadows are ice. It's cold and a strong wind. This is bird country, and it is forbidden to enter the meadows all year round. Wetlands have been restored and towards north have Klingavälsån meandering course been recreated, after the time when everything was drained and straightened. I see no birds. Moving up the hill Öbacken west of the stream. On a tree is a birdhouse. A sign says that this is an ancient monument, nothing is visible above ground. Continuing north, past the grove at Prästaskogen. A large bird of prey show up over the meadow. It land out there. An eagle? I look towards the meadows through the binoculars. I do not see it anymore. Go north, other footprints can be seen on the snow lying on the frozen ponds. This is also a military training area, traces of crawlers are visible. Signs warns "lethal to touch ammunition ....". I end up at a large frozen pond, perhaps one of the ponds recently constructed here. Returning to the tower. Also inside the tower is the strong  wind around. Trying to find a quiet place for my lunch and coffee. On the road passes a trotting horse. In the sky fly a kite. Time to drive home.