Vismarlövs väv & bagarstuga
farm bakery in Vismarlöv, between Klågerup and Genarp, with stone oven baked bread, pyramid cakes, and cafe.

August 18, 2013: On a sightseeing tour with a friend, we make a visit for with a "tockamacka" (smoked rooster fillet) with cream cheese and vegetables. We get a basket, put down our lunch in it , and go to the pond. It tastes good. When we finished eating, a cat come strolling, sociable it is. It jumps up on a chair, look toward the table. What may be good up there? Jumps up on the table, lick the leftover cream cheese. Then down on the chair again. Then preening himself contentedly, that was good. Then wandering away, so do we. Thanks for the company, it was nice. It just the geese left at the pond.

October 28, 2012: After a hike around Lake Häckeberga is a coffee good. Actually, it sufficed with a cake, but I could not resist the cake buffe. One of every one I took. Dare not to coffe too, may be too much for my troubled heart, a cup of tea will do. Sit inside, but you can sit outside. A short distance away there are places at a pond, but it's slightly too cool I think. They make their own pyramid cakes (spettekaka), no it's too sweet.

October 16, 2011: At the road between Klågerup and Genarp is the village Vismarlöv. In the turning to Eksholm is a sign of Farm Bakeries (Gårdsbageri) and weaving (vävstuga). After a few hundred meters is a courtyard with parking. The parking is almost full of cars and motorcycles. Inside it is also full. "Would you close the door behind you." Yes, I thought I had someone following me. Cake buffet for 65 kronor or coffee/tea and a cake for 30? The buffet is too much for me, choose tea and a cake, Swiss roll. It is sturdy pieces. Pay in the store. Motorcyclists pours down from the top floor, must be empty up there. Go up the stairs, lined with copper kettles. On the beams stands cans. In the room are pretty old bluepainted furniture, including a fine cabinet. Inside the cabinet there are coffee cups. A company of three makes me company. A young man comes and wipes off after the motorcyclists. Sit down with my tea and my Swiss roll, which tastes great, nice chatting with the others around the table. Go down to the store. There is not much bread left, but a Danish rye bread is left to me.

In Vismarlöv is a rune stone, it stands at Vismarlövs village street, I take the opportunity to look at it. Four years ago the runes was painted, currently one see nothing. Drive back past the furrowed fields in the plains landscape.

Vismarlövs Väv & Bagarstuga