is a deciduous forest area in the farmland north of Arrie, with old trees, in the spring with rich flora. In the northern part is a restaurant and dance hall.

April 12, 2014
Törringelund is a dance hall with lunch restaurant on weekdays. It is beautifully situated at the edge of a deciduous forest grove. I've never been there, dancing is not my specialty. Now while I pass one morning I drive into. The parking lot is empty and the gate of the restaurant and the dance floor is closed. In the forest are walk trails. Following one at random. Spring is well advanced. The leaves are underway, it is partly green. The ground is covered with anemones and yellow anemones. Some trees are waiting with the leaves.

Later that day I pass again on the way home. It is a tour bus at the gates, which are now open. It will be dancing tonight. Following a trail counterclockwise. Ducks and geese are protesting when I walks past a pond. Take the path that goes on the edge of the grove. On the fields outside bloom already a few rape plants. The trail meanders between carpets with wood anemones. Goes over a hill, between the tree branches is the road to Arrie seen. A tree trunk is blocking the path, which is also used by horses. Heavy branches forming a roof over the path. After an easy walk of about two kilometers, I am back at the car.