nature reserve along the bike path between Lund and Södra Sandby, with a rich flora. In the spring bloom Bird's-eye Primrose and Globeflower. Managed by grazing and haymaking.

20 May 2020:
During the visit earlier this year, Globeflower did not bloom. We make another attempt today. Cows graze in the northern part, and also in the eastern part south of the cycle path. From the bike path, something yellow and purple can be seen by the marsh on the south side, where no cows walk yet. Promising. Wonderfully. Large stocks with Globeflower and Bird's-eye Primrose. It's the most magnificent now. The cuckoo is heard. Nightingale sounds. Just to walk around and enjoy the splendor. You have to be careful and not step on anything. The marsh is wetter this time, avoid it. Many who pass on the bike path, some stop to read on the information sign. But no one visits the nature reserve. Maybe good it, can easily be trampled. We spread a blanket in a dry place without any visible flowers. Coffee and cake, sunshine, Bird's-eye Primrose, globeflower. Cows graze on the other side of the fence. Can it get better. Yes, looking in on the north side. At the edge, cowslip and Meadow Saxifrage bloom. Goes back to the car we parked in the parking lot to Fågelsångsdalen. Keeps the corona distance to other people on the bike path.

April 28, 2020:
Puts the car in the parking lot to Fågelsångsdalen. Then walk towards Lund on the bike path between Lund and Södra Sandby. The cherry trees are in bloom. After a kilometer we arrive at Sularpskärret. A small nature reserve with a small marsh with Bird's-eye Primrose and Globeflower. Hope to see something. Walks across the marsh to the marsh south of the bike path. Pretty dry, not much in bloom. But find some Bird's-eye Primrose. Some Water Avens. Globeflower has leaves so far. A stand with Cuckooflower. Sloe flowers. Goes over to the northern part of the reserve. Some Meadow Saxifrage blossoms and Marsh-marigold. In the middle is a shrubbery on a small hill. A few Cowslip. Meadow Saxifrage blossoms bloom in the meadow. A beautiful grass. Sitting for a while on a hill framed by flowering sloe. There are small Spring Cinquefoil. Looking up at the hill with the bush in the central part. Hm, something yellow. What is it? A carpet of cowslip. Fantastic, in this place? We go back satisfied.

May 7, 2011:
A beautiful spring day, a day for a bike ride. The tour goes to Sularpskärret Nature Reserve, which is split in two halves by the cycle track between Lund and Södra Sandby. Sets the cycle at the bridge over the brook Sularpsbäcken. A stile leads into the southern part, which contains a rich marsh with a beautiful flora. On the edge grows yellow flowers that I forgot what it is. The marsh is sensitive to trampling, but it's rather dry right now, so I walk carefully around. A family comes and sits down in the grass for a picnic. Marsh-marigold is in bloom, and Water Avens. One for me unknown beautiful grass tussocks. Bird's-eye Primrose bloom. Oh! My favorite flower Globeflower is yellow and proud. It is a small but nice nature reserve, this side is managed by haymaking by the Nature Conservation.

Turning to the north, in there one get by climbing over a stile. Here it is drier. A meadow with Meadow buttercup bloom. Blackthorn is in full bloom. Sit down on a low hill and have coffee. Looking out over a meadow. Around flowers a few Cowslips and Water Avens. Meadow Saxifrage stretches.  Spring Cinquefoil creeps shyly on the ground. A nice moment. Through the reserve flows Sularpsbäcken. Under the bridge has somebody put plastic bags. Bicycles happy with the trip back home. From the highway, I look down towards the reserve, with a grove of trees behind. It does not look so exotic. But nice it is.