Stora Harrie mosse
at Kävlinge. Small remnant of a once large wetland area. Marshes with species-rich plant life.

May 28, 2016
Drive north to the roundabout east of Kävlinge. Immediately to the right, after 100 meters is a parking on the left side. A stile leads onto pastures.

Following a path northward, through the angle of crossing and bridge over a stream. Heading north on the trail along the creek. Cows in the pasture to the west. Nothing here interesting. Coming out on a country lane. Going back on the other side of the creek. Scouts into the cow pasture. See nothing interesting.

Following the trail northward again. Should be a marsh in the eastern part according to the information board at the car park. Turn east on the land route. Past a farm and house. On the right side is the marsh.

There are no fences. A variety of bird's-eye primrose. Maybe it's cotton grass? Some orchids. Early Marsh-orchid should be here. A lot of Common Butterwort. Tormentil. Marsh marigold. Yellow rattle. A single Bogbean. The grass Brown Bog-rush. In the east, an area of reeds. Walk pleased with the visit back to the parking lot.