a cliff 175 meters above sea level on Romeleåsen. Once with great views, now surrounded by mature forest. But also beautiful surroundings with pasture land and views. A 6 km walk.

October 6, 2013
Eat a hearty breakfast buffet at Vismarlöv caf√©. Will probably be needed before a hilly hike on Romeleåsen over Romeleklint. The car park below the Lodge is almost full. Enters the marked 6 km trail "Blue trail" over Romeleklint, it is also Skåneleden. A tip question wondering what the orange markings mean. Coming to Väderkullen with Skåneleden shelter and views towards Romeleklint. Autumn colors suggest that the fall is underway. A mountain biker bike down the hill. The path coming out on a two wheel road. At a pasture, the trail goes into the forest. I manage to scare a cow, it looks angry with me. A stile leads into the paddock. Going up on a hill with far reaching views over the countryside towards Malmö and Lund. Along the meadow stands a beautiful row of birch. Returning to the path that goes into the woods.

Goes at the border of a pasture with views to the east. A stile into the pasture in front pile Romeleklint up. It's steep upward, the heart is beating extra. The path is lined with a large anthill. Turns on the path up to Romeleklint, 175 meters above sea level. The second highest point on Romeleåsen. There used to be a view, but now the forest has grown up. You see none of that today. Radar tower stands, the radar is probably gone. Go a gravel road down, a short distance through the decidouos forest, then walking a path through spruce. In a slope, bumps and jumps and turns, for mountain biking. Two are going downhill at full speed, jump straight across the path. Hope they have an eye on that no one is on the trail.

Arrive on a thowheelroad, alongside stands a stone apparently raised by people. Goes under beech sunlit foliage. Two mountain bikers pass by. Follow the trail through the forest. Passing two cyclists, she has probably fallen. Seems to be in pain. They seem to have control of the situation. A leafy path that leads out onto the field. Short distance on a dirt road, then walk over a pasture with hunting turret. It's almost hunting season, then one should stay away. A path takes us back to the Lodge. A somwehat luxury hotel, restaurant and spa, formerly stood here a simple cabin with refreshments. Then you could also see the views, but that is reserved for hotel guests. Walk the road down to the parking lot. A mountain biker put apart his bike.