Östra Torps kalkugnar
north of Smygehamn. In the dome-like ovens, lime was burned for about one hundred years from the mid-1800s. Interesting industrial history.

September 28, 2018
North of Smygehamn lies Östra Torp. A gravel road goes past the lime kilns. Easy to park on a green. In the dome-like ovens, lime was burned for about a hundred years from the mid-1800s. They are somewhat scattered, one is lying in a field so it is not accessible. Others on either side of a farm. A total of eight ovens. Apart from the ceilings, they look good. Shines whitewashed. At the western ovens is a weighing place where the lime was weighed. Inside the oven is a grate which was the fireplace, from the building behind the fuel was added. Inside are remnants of equipment, some rails, shovels, rollers. Interesting industrial history.

A large brick building was supposed to be a mortar factory. It was never finished. Now it stands "risk of collapse" at it. Behind the brick building is a steep, perhaps it was where one took the limestone. Looking for fossils, find none. Going up from the back of the steep, a little tricky, to look out over the area.

Drive to Smygehuk where there is an additional lime kiln. Buy smoked shrimp in the fish smokehouse and drive home.