Örtofta åpromenad
a kilometer-long river walk along the Kävlingeån river in Örtofta north of Lund.

September 21, 2020
One week ago, a kilometer-long river promenade along the Kävlingeån river in Örtofta north of Lund was inaugurated. Park at the sports ground, Bruksvallen. The last time I was at Bruksvallen was football when my Hässleholms IF met Örtofta in a league match, probably in division 5 at the time.

Starts with going upstream. It is a well organized walk. The river is still. At the piers are rowing boats. Trees are reflected in the river. To the north is the village and a playground. The nice walk ends at a bridge over the river. There is a jetty. Here is a large nice silver birch. Next door is the sugar factory. To the south is Skälshög, a Bronze Age burial mound. There was the Danish army before the battle of Lund in 1676. A truck comes with sludge from the sugar factory. It is dusty from the road. The greenery by the road is white.

Walk back along the river. Deer graze in a field. By the river sits a cat. It's getting closer, poor thing it looks skinny and pathetic. Seems to be abandoned. It feels in the heart. Himalayan balsam blooms at the edge. Walks along the river past the sports field. Past a jetty and barbecue area. A building with drawings by Freja, Hedvig and Tilde. A mallard family rests by the shore. A long footbridge over wetlands with a windthrow. In the windthrow nests for solitary bees can be seen.

The kiosk in Örtofta has been closed down. The pizzeria is only open weekends, otherwise it would be good with a pizza.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.777321, 13.245134