Önneslövs fälad
beautiful juniper pasture east of Dalby. With some marshes and ponds with beautiful flora, e.g. orchids and pasqueflower.

April 5, 2020
Puts the car in the parking lot at the bus stop Knivsåsen. Skåneleden has been rerouted. Does not go through the forest but along the road to a stile into the field. The last visit was a longer visit, today a shorter visit to the area closest to the car park. Footbridge along the edge. Is here to see if there are pasqueflower here and that are blooming. Some have started to stick out their flower. The area have been cleared. There are nice juniper bushes. Going east. More of pasqueflower. The pond, which was last covered with Pond Water-crowfoot, is open water. Continue east. To the east is a wetland, a fence impedes access. Also on our side it is wet. Goes back to the pond. Sit down on the hill with a view south over the pond. Drinking our coffee. Then over to the part that is on the other side of the road towards Björnstorp. Not so much there. An area with juniper and one pasqueflower. A large cairn. A number of horses approach, leaving the place. There is a pond, around which Coltsfoot bloom.

May 4, 2014
Sets the car on perkering at bus stop Knivsåsen. Following Skåneleden to Önneslövs pasture. One of the biggest pasture land in Skåne, as it once was of large parts of Romeleåsen. Going through a stile on to the pasture. Marsh marigold, cuckoo flower, apple trees, grape elderberry blossoms. Pasqueflower show its seed heads. A red lowgrowing flower, unknown to me, decide later that it is Lousewort. A lot of horsetail. Coming to a pond. Some children are studying salamanders. The pond is full of a white flower, decide that it is ranunculus peltatus (Pond Water-crowfoot).

Walking across a slope with over blossomed pasqueflower. Passing through a fence and stone wall. Walking in the woods on a marsh. Here are also ranunculus peltatus. A Marsh Valerian standing in the bud. Take the path across an open pasture with a house foundation. Pyramidal Bugle bloom. At the edge against a paddock are flowering cherry trees. Over a stile and the country lane to the pasture to the east. View towards northeast.

A large stone wall and a gate. Here it is more overgrown with juniper. Towards the east is a marsh. Dry enough to get around on. Several orchids bloom, early purple orchid, maybe Western Marsh-orchid. A lot of the hop flower. There is a loud sound. Deers bounces off between juniper. Inside blossom an apple tree. It will be a beautiful ending to the visit.