Ubåten U3
at the Technical Museum in Malmö. Launched in 1942 during World War II. Experience how it feels like living on a submarine. Nothing for the one with claustrophobia.

January 21, 2017
Submarines are nothing for me, do not like being underwater. Even less underwater in a crowded space. Tight crowded. The submarine looks great from outside. Not so inside. Small beds along the walls. Crawling through the passageways. A lot of things. Cranes Machinery Meters. Tight toilet. Small kitchenette. Less than in a student dormitory. Strange that someone thinks it would be something to do with a submarine. Nice with a study visit on a museum boat, but that's all. The submarine is one in the series of the first Swedish-designed and constructed submarines.

Read more at U3's website .

Eat lunch, fish and chips, at Drumbar pub at Lilla Torg.