is a sand and nature reserves at Falsterbo with restricted access most of the year. Known for its colony of seals and bird life.

November 7, 2018
Beautiful weather. During the earlier visits to Måkläppen, the weather has been bad. Today sunshine and warm. Park this time at Flommens golf club. Some golfers, mostly geese on the track. Go past cabanas and on the beach south. Passing Falsterbo lighthouse. After almosat an hour we arrive at the reserve limit.

Dogs are not welcome. Out in the water are many seals. It pops up head here and there, disappears, returns. Looking at them with binoculars. In the lagoon in the east are many swans. Not a lot of people. The reef is wider than it has been at the other visits. An hour's walk out to the southernmost part. At the end someone has landed with a sailboat. Adjacent is something that can be an old wreck. More visitors roam around, sit down and have coffee. We do the same. In front of us, seals appear Walk back again. The sun shines in the sea.

A few days later, it says in the newspaper that a seal colony has settled out of the reef and not let itself be disturbed by humans. An acquaintance who for the first time visited Måkläppen had to experience it. You get "jealous".

January 6, 2015
Better weather than during the last visit. The car park at the golf course is almost full. It is windy. A few degrees above zero. The sun looks almost though the clouds. Out on Måkläppen is the lemming migration. First north past the golf course and the lighthouse. Then out on the beach and south. It is high tide. The waves are eating on the reef. Find no amber. Out in the water watching seals curiously the stream of people. The water breaks in places over the reef. At the far end is almost all under water. Some sandbanks protrude. No seals are out there. Walk back. A dead seal lies in the water. Parts of wreck have been exposed in the sand. Take lunch in a pit in the grass where the reef becomes wide. In the lee of the wind. Other visitors passing by. Sunset. Return home.

November 23, 2014
Park at Falsterbo golf course. "How do you get out to Måkläppen?" I ask a company. "Go past the lighthouse, go a bit further, then you can go out on the reef that extends southward." Windy and raining, there are a few more that defies the weather for an outing on Måkläppen. A sign informs you that there is no admittance 1/2 - 31/10, dogs are not allowed at any time during the year.

Looking for amber. Already the first allowed moment on the night of 1/11 there were many who were out. Do find relatively large amber. Pretty tough hike in the wind, rain and loose sand. At first it is a meadow in the east, then it narrows to a sandbank. At its narrowest ten meters. Måkläppen is constantly changing, is has not always been possible to walk dry-shod on it. Out in the sea show a few seals off their head. After a few kilometers and hours of walking we come to the very tip where the reef bends toward land again. Here it must be more permanent land because the vegetation has taken hold in a larger island-like area. Maybe you can go back on it but the risk is too great that it's a dead end. It's starting to get dark. Go back the same way. Something like wrecks residue sticking out of the sand. The wind in the back and the rain has stopped.