Lomma east pond
water-filled old clay quarry, nature reserve, ornithological interesting, and fish pond.

July 28 2011: Goes off the bus at Prästergavägen in Lomma. Opens a gate and go through a meadow, the edge of the pond is mostly hidden by trees, there are a few openings. There are two ponds divided by a narrow strip with a path that I walk in to. It is the western part which is interesting. There is said to be a lot of birds, will only see a coot on my entire visit. The wind plays with reeds. Going over a brook on a bridge. A Hedge Bindweed looks up at me. Go down the path along the lush pond edge. A tent is set among the trees along the pond. I guess they are there to fish, it is also a fish pond. Fishing license is required. Follows the path and come to a picnic area. Grass sways lazily in the soft breeze. Go out on a promontory, a man stands and angles. In a smaller pond is a tree, waiting for the breakdown. On the picnic table out on the promontory is an angling. Two men come and stand and fish. "What do you get here?" I wonder. "Pike and perch, but not today." Going back, along the path flowers marsh thistle, and what is it? Wild Carrot, I believe. The path goes along the railway. Crossing a creek on the bridge. The pond edges are lush. It starts to rain, up with the umbrella. See the church tower of the church stand up on the other side of the pond. The rain makes me ignore the last part. The grass is wet, the path is indistinct in the grass. My feets get wet. Take the bus home.