south of Veberöd is an old pasture with a creek valley, junipers and wild cherries. Magnificent when cherry trees blossom.

May 10, 2021
10 May 2021 Drive to Ramnakullabackarna outside Blentarp. Here, the cherry trees are not in bloom yet. It is said to be in Körsbärsdalen, it is still early in the day and a weekday so we hope in getting a place there. Drive through Veberöd, into the road towards Skurup, just outside Veberöd is a sign Körsbärsdalen's B&B. Along the road is a "no parking" sign. Last pandemic year 2020, there were been chaos with parking. The car park where the gravel road begins has some empyt places. Walks from the parking lot on the path through the beech forest. Nice brook valley. Wood anemones along the path. Comes out on a forest road to the stile into a beautiful pasture. More people on the way. A stile over the stone fence into the Cherry Valley.

A lot that has come. They walk around and sit among flowering cherry trees. We also sit down in the sunshine with our coffee. Go the path down the slope to the stream and out to the gravel road. Many bicycles and a school class. People stroll in the valley. Returns up, continues upstream. A little hidden away is a hammock, which is busy. A bridge has been built over the brook. On the other side of the valley, at the B&B, you also seem to be able to park. Many who have done and are on their way down. A path goes down to the brook on our side, but we turn. Goes back across the stile and the same way back through the pasture and beech forest to the car. The parking lot is now full.

May 1, 2014
Spring is early this year. It is probably blooming already in the Cherry Valley south of Veberöd. The small parking lot at the beginning of the gravel road is empty. From the parking lot, a path goes through the beech forest. If you do not want to go the path there are parking possibilities in a field later on (see 2013 below) and if you are lucky at the valley.

The path goes on the edge of a brook valley. Through recently wrecked beech forest in its shirred spring greenery. On a board walk over the brook in the upper part. Then you are on the forest road to the field next to Körsbärsdalen. The road is harvested by forestry machines. The field is as nice as before. The trees are in bloom, even the bird-cherry tree are blooming. On the ground blooms violets. At the stile of the valley are the trees white of flowers.

People sit and enjoy. The flowering is at the end. The wind gets blossoms to sing away. Looks like snowfall. At the creek are butterflies. Children are fantasizing that fallen trees and branches are a beaver nest. A cat balances on the branches and gets over the brook. People come and go. Blankets are laid. Make them company for lunch. Lie down looking at white trees and clouds.

Going back to the car. The parking lot is now full. Bicycles and cars stand far along the road. More cars come. Crowded to get out.

May 11 2013:
The parking lot where the gravel road past Cherry Valley (Körsbärsdalen) begins is full. Drive further on the gravel road. After the road turns 90 degrees is a field. There, you can park the car. There are more cars parked. At the edge of the forest is a sealed-off forest road, more like a path, that goes up to a gate into a pasture. Following the path that goes through the pasture. The path leads to a stile into Cherry Valley.

I'm at the right time. The wild cherry trees blossom. It has happened just in the last few days, a woman tells me. Many flowering trees on the slope down to the creek. People sit or stroll, elder and young. I wander upstream climbing the slope. Western end of the valley lacks cherry trees. Strolling along the creek, on the slope and at the creek blooming wood anemones. At the eastern end is a footbridge over the creek. By the road are many cars parked. I stand for a moment on the southern slope, also with the cherry trees, and look at the glory. I enjoy it for a long moment and stroll back to the car.

14 May 2010
Do not know exactly where the Körsbärsdalen is located, know that it is in the south of Idala in Veberöd. Asking a man in Idala: 'Run-down to the T junction, turn to the left, just after the gravel road begins is a parking lot. Then walk the gravel road to the valley '. He shows on my map were the valley is. At the parking is  a path into the beech forest. Maybe one can go there? Do it safe, that is on the gravel road. It is not far, if one do not want to walk, one can set the car along the road. I do not use the stile, there is an opening in the fence. Further along the road is also a stile, it goes into the southern slope. Further is Körsbärsdalen bed and breakfast, on the slope to the valley. A stream is between the steep slope in north and field in south. Go over a bridge and up the slope. Arrive at junipers and sweet cherry trees. I'm a bit too early, the bloom is going on, but slopes are not lit white yet. It is a beautiful valley anyway. To the north is an outfield. Follows the valley upstream on the north side, ends at an area where the trees have been cut down. I assume it is to restore the pastures. Turning to the south part. Here are wet, splashing into the brook. On the slope are sweet cherry trees. Go to the end of the valley, and turns back. Must now use the stile, the fence has been closed. Returning to the parking lot. Follow the trail a bit into the beech forest, a beautiful stream valley.