two large boulders in Little Harrie by the road to Bösmöllan. The remains of a stone circle. On the boulders are several cup marks.

February 23, 2019
The last time I was here, a woman came out and wondered suspiciously what I was doing. "Photographing the stones," I replied. Which was true. It had previously been someone who photographed in the village and then it had been burglary. We had a nice chat about the Kämpestenarna, the village and the surroundings. Today, no one comes and asks what we do.

Two large boulders, which originally belonged to a stone circle. The blocks have been moved from their original location. On the stones there are about fifty cup marks, some very clear. Larger marks are also seen on the larger one as if somebody were grinding something. The stones are located by the road through Lilla Harrie where a road (Bösmöllevägen) goes down to Bösmöllan. Bösmöllan is one of nine original water mills in Kävlingeån.

Of course there are stories about the stones. The giant Finn's wife threw them with his garter against the cathedral in Lund, the band burst and the stones fell down here. Or that Finn dropped them when he built the cathedral. The marks are after his fingers. Or....