3.5 hectares small nature reserve at Arrie, consisting of a 25 meter high plateau formed moraine hill. View over the surrounding plains.

April 15, 2012: On the road between Törringe and Arrie, just outside Arrie, is Gavelsbjer located. A small nature reserve, which steeply rises above its surroundings. At the foot is a place to set a car. A stile leads into the hill. The legs must work to take me uphill. The car looks small down there. Up there is a grassy flat plateau. It has a good view over the surroundings. In the north is Arriesjön recreation area, in the east is the lake Arrsiesjön itself, in the south the village Arrie, in the west a view towards Malmö, Turning Torso stands on the horizon. Go down the south slope in search of spring flowers. Cattle trails runs along the slope and the edge. But no flowers. Goes up again on the east side. Aha, some cowslips, but no abundance. Crossing over the plateau to the west. On the hillside blooming anemones. Slope is overgrown with bushes, hawthorn. Sitting on the edge with my lunch, enjoying the spring weather.

Continue to visit a friend. Brakes gently, a cat is on the way up the road. Nah, it's a dummy. Caution. Good, you should take care of the cats.