at Skanör with sand dunes, lagoons, wetlands and pastures.

February 25, 2018
Parking on the parking lot at the nature reserve before Skanör harbor. Restaurant and smoking fish facilities in the harbor are closed. Too early of the year. We have food with us. Going to the beach south from the harbor. The sun shines, a little windy. The beach is empty. Otherwise it is in the summer. The cabins are waiting. Looking for amber at the beach. Does not find any. See no wildlife. It has been cold. Ice begins to lay down. Inland, wetlands are empty with ice. Empty is also the golf course. Almost at the Falsterbo lighthouse we turn. Sit down behind a dune and have lunch. Turns back. The last stretch we walk on the footpath next to the wetland. Clouds begin to cover the sky. A short visit in the wetland. Totally empty. Otherwise it will be when the Pied avocetis breed in spring.