built during World War II when the Germans mined waters outside Falsterbonäset. At the channel are many bunkers and obstacles from the defense establishment Per Albin Line.

July 29, 2012: Goes off the bus at Falsterbo canal. It is the "Maritime Day". Go out to the pier. The canal was built in the beginning of World War II. The Germans mined waters off the peninsula and it was needed an alternative route for deep draft vessels. The bridge opens on the hour. At the dock on the other side is a replica of a medieval cog. I am here for a guided tour "On the warpath in Höllviken" among bunkers and anti-tank obstacles.

A military historical  guided tour with Leif Högberg as a guide, www.bunker.nu.
Organized by Eva Marie Bramsved, www.vandringar.com. Read her story from the tour on the warpath .

We are about forty who has gathered at the channel watchtower. They had begun to build the Skåne line, popularly known as Per Albin Line by then Prime Minister, as defense against invasion along the Skåne coast when the canal was started to be constructed. It consists of a wide variety of concrete-tank and anti-tank obstacles. Here at Falseterbokanalen is one of the more concentrated areas. The bunkers are not needed in today's defense, many are sealed or demolished. We walk south along the east side of the canal. We learn from the guide about what we see. Tank Obstacle runs through the pine forest. Shielding and shelters for men. A little claustrophobia, I have, down in there I would not like to go. At the canal are a few defense bunkers. We arrive at the south side, where a shield protects the inlet. Tank Obstacles protects today the bathing huts. There is a bunker that had a tank turret mounted.

Among the obstacles, we pause for lunch. Continues through the forest. Along more antitank obstacles. The blocks are laid out in a geometric pattern such that an enemy would have minimal protection against bullets. At that time they were also decorated with barbed wire. Larger shelters. Simple shelters, which was a concrete cylinder in the ground. Used as a barbecue today. A lump of concrete, which proves to be a cover. One of the few remaining. We end at the checkpoint in the area. Heavy bars blocked the entrance. The guide is thanked with summer flowers.

While waiting for the bus home, I enjoy sea views and a Czech beer, Budejovický, at the Sailors corner. Into the water goes a row of obstacles. Maritime Day is over, the cog returning to its home port.