small nature reserve just north of Lomma. There are different kinds of environments. Alder forest on damp ground, with open water and overgrown wetlands.

March 11, 2017 Alder flowers
Drive north from Lomma towards Bjärred. Past the ponds on the left side. Immediately after there is an entrance to a campsite. At the beginning is a small parking. Going down towards the campsite.

Alkärret is after about 50 meters. Some open water, most of it is grown with reed. Here grows alder. They are now blossoming. The catkins, the little female flowers and the old cones are sampled. Goes north along the west side of the marsh. Groves, small meadows, open water, reed. Some birch has been removed. There are no paths, you have to find your own way. On a tree is a plant hanging. Some nice tufts. However, the vegetation has not started. Iris starts looking up. The seal's kisses are about to burst.

Leaves the marsh and walks onto the seaweed crowded beach. Takes up for coffee. A horse is galloping in the water rim. The sun shines. The ocean sparkles. Turning Torso glances in the south. Oystercatcher? Fly as the horse approaches. A nice spring day. Going south on the beach. Turn up on the road at the campsite. A short visit to the southern part of the marsh. More water and more difficult.