Vollsjö hembageri
Vollsjö bakery on the square in Vollsjö with intact decor from the 1950s.

March 28, 2015 Many times I have stopped at the square in Vollsjö and jerked the door to Vollsjö bakery. It has every time been closed for various reasons. Today open. It has been closed for a while. Have opened with new owners. Proper style of door to the cafe part. "Time has stood still" since the 50s, excerpts from the paper Kvällspstenhanging on the wall together with Piraten portraits and Skåne motifs. Stripe upholstered furniture. Medallion coverings. Jukebox is as it should be in a corner. The cakes are tempting. Real homemade. Will be no coffee today, buy cakes for our trip. A coffee will it be another day. Hope on the radio cake. Drive ahead with the cookies to the outing for today.