recreation area north of Kivik with beaches, pine forest, deciduous forest, sandy steppe, hilly landscape with flowers.

May 13, 2012: I have put the car in the parking lot at the hostel in Haväng and after visiting Haväng dolmen I go down to the footbridge over Verkeån. Going up the slope of Lindgren's slopes. No abundance of cowslip, but some grow there. A lone pine tree is standing on the slope. Meadow Saxifrage light up. Saunters down to the beach again. Pasqueflower are withering, it grows in abundance here. Coming down at a eel shed that is not used anymore, in there you can study tools used in eel fishing.

Walk south on the white sand with the left leg at the sea. The waves create waves in the sand. On the land is a grass meadow and pine forest. At the outflow of Klammersbäck, it stops. There is a bridge upstream, but I follow the shoreline to the mouth. Taking off my shoes and wade across. It is refreshingly cool and just a few decimeter deep. A couple comments on my wading "It's like hiking the mountains." I can only agree. Barefoot, I go on in at the shore. Approaching Vitemölla. Children are playing on the beach. Goes up on beach slopes before Vitemölla. Get a nice view out over the district. Going down to the parking lot in Vitemölla.

Passing the harbor where a few boats have been put in the water. Through the picturesque village, past the white Vitemölla spas, then goes on the beach further down towards Kivik. The beach ends and you walk on a grassy path through rosehip bushes full of small flying creatures. Will almost have to wipe may a way among these thousands, rather friendly, winged insects. Avoid damaging them. On a fort sits a couple who I ask what the house with a bell tower on the other side of the road is. Kiviks canopy, it does not look like a church. More like a storehouse. To Kivik is it highway hiking. Orchards are in full bloom, I am enjoying the full among the flowers. Passing a sandy beach with a blue beach bench before I reach Kiviks port.

In the harbor is Buhres fish, fish shop and restaurant. In "silla door" I order fried herring with mashed potatoes, and of course, a cider from Kiviks cider, of pear. There are busloads of people, one as far way as from Västergötland. Everyone should buy fish. From Kivik you can take the bus, but I choose to go back to Haväng, and examine Vitemölla recreation area inside the coastline.

North of Vitemölla I go uphill. Wild Pansy adorn the hill. Leaving the sea view and goes on a field along the pine forest. Flowering meadow, cowslip flowers. In the corner of the field I search for "High rocks," rocks in the form of stone circles is what I find. In the corner is a stile that takes me into the exciting forest clad valley with the brook Klammersbäck. A footbridge takes me dry-shod over the brook. A path leads down along the brook with steep sides to the sea. Now I'm hot, the sun heats. Should I cool down in the sea? Yes I do. Splash splash. Cold. Quick Dip and up again. The sun warms and dries me. Wow, a lizard lie in a sand pit. Treading almost on it. Forest Lizard or what?

Moving on. Swans grazing at the water. I'm once again at Verkeån estuary. Marsh-marigold  decorate the river. Goes to the hostel. Buy a coffee and rhubarb cake. Sit down at a table in the garden.

STF vandrarhem Haväng
Buhres fisk