Vitemölla - Brösarp
walk along the beach from Vitemölla to Haväng. On the hills south of the river Verkeån to Brösarp.

June 10, 2016
Gets dropped off in the parking lot to Vitemölla nature reserve. Go north on grass moor along the sea. Fine sandy beach. A chilly wind so a bath is not tempting. Passing fotress in Per Albin line. Inland hills grass moors. Behind is a pine forest, as protection against sand drift. Dianthus arenarius flowers. In a sink is Grey Hair Grass. A lone Sheep's-bit.

Jumping on stones across a stream. During a single umbrellapine stands a recliner. Passing an eel shed. Anthericum liliago L. blossoms. Have a coffee in the sun at Verkeån at Haväng. Ice cream in Skepparpsgården hostel. Follow the yellow trail (Backaleden) on the road past Lindgren länga. A small musuem about the neighborhood. Among other things, a tree taken from the sea, the tree grew when sea levels were lower after the last ice age.

The trail leaves the road to walk on the heath on the hills south of Verkeån, which is occasionally glimpsed. Trees lining the river. Nice views. Some stiles must be passed. Columbines and fingering foxglove. Dianthus arenarius masse in a place that invites you to rest. Highland cattle graze. Continued hiking on the moors.

Passing the museum railway Sankt Olof - Brösarp. Continued hiking on the heath. Meeting with mountain bikers. Will be many lifts over stiles. A beautiful half-timbered houses. A beautiful way. A beautiful oak. Arriving at the road to Blåherremölla. Turns towards Brösarp. A flower is about to strike out, a white campion?

Farm hotel Talldungen do not have lunch. Have honey frost ribs with potato and apple jam at Brösarps in. Shower and thunderstorm. It is over when we go to the bus for the return journey.