nature reserve in Fyledalen, with old-growth forest, birdlife and flora. In the eastern part is a small marsh with e.g. Bird's-eye Primrose and a well with an historical event.

June 5, 2017
Drive the road between Sjöbo and Tomelilla. Take down in Fyledalen towards Eriksdal. Stopping at the well Vitbäckskällan just before the open valley. Sets the car at the small road west of it. The well is embedded in greenery. Passing the well is a boardwalk. The marsh where the boardwalk ends is too wet to go to right here. Instead, take the small road that passes by the marsh. Bird's-eye Primrose are already bloomed. Single orchids bloom. The sled is full of some kind of cottongrass, maybe Broad-leaved Cottongrass. The marsh has partly recovered the place which, at the last visit, showed that have collapsed. It was a hill of filler material that was removed.

18 May 2012: Sets the car at the small road. Large parts of the nature reserve should one avoid 1/2-15/7, so as not to disturb the wildlife. But the marsh at the well can one visit, but I do not go out in it. Do not trample. It looks strange, looks like some of it have collapsed. Can not remember that it looked like that the last time I was here. A buzzard beeps away, a kite floats away over the treetops. I pass here on the way home to see Bird's-eye Primrose  flower here. I have not been able to pinpoint it before. It flowers so plentiful and fine. There is also an orchid that blooms, Western Marsh-orchid? Happy with Bird's-eye Primrose I continue homeward.

28 September 2008: Take the bus to Anklam. Leaves the road down through the the dramatic Pälsadalen to tractor road that runs through the Vitabäckshällornas nature reserve in the upper Fyledalens northern slope. Meets cyclists on the road. The reserve is characterized by a rich flora, the slope with the old beech/pine trees, and birds of prey. I follow the road to the the well Vitabäckskällan where there is a marsh. A couple are doing haymaking with a scythe. Wrong time of year for a visit, the correct month is May when  orchids bloom. I walk back towards Sjöbo, past Möllehuset, then the forest road to Skäpperöd where an autumn beautiful pond is studied. Then up to the orange jogging track that goes over Spjällabacken. Then take the path around the ski slope, and into Sjöbo. End in the middle of Sjöbo Day. Rednex (country and western band) entertains at the square. I eat a cold hot dog, and then a warm one. Looking into the art gallery that displays 'Your ever affectionate', photos/videos of a pornographic nature. Well. Bus home.

March 16, 2008: I'm on Skåneleden, on the other side is Fyledalen Vitabäckhällorna. I follow the road through the village Erikdsal down to the valley floor, which is a flat pasture with a creek in the middle. At the turning of Röddinge is a car. A man stands with a telescope and look toward the valley. I ask for what. "A stäppare" I think he responds. Sorry? "Steppe Eagle" he clarified. A rare guest from Asia. I feel stupid and ignorant and go on the road to the well Vitabäckskällan Coltsfoot show up her comforting yellow head. At the well I sit down at the picnic table. It's time for lunch. At thr well gathered peasants in 1180 and decided to rebel against Archbishop Absalon fiscal burdens and besieged his castle. Absalon put down the rebellion. Today it is quieter. Anemones and celandine has sent advance teams to meet in the spring. Up the hill comes a woman and horse at a leisurely pace. A car park at the closed road along the valley side. Nobody goes out. I finish my lunch and return down the hill.

After a while, I stop and look around. A couple goes out of the car and sit down at the picnic table. They have probably waited me out. One is seeking solitude in nature and not my company.