a nature area north of Skurup is a deciduous forest next to Borgasjön and Skönabäcks manor. It is a small area with some marked paths through the forest.

October 13, 2019
Drive from Veberöd south towards Skurup. At Skönabäck there is a sign "Ridhus Skönabäck", drive in and park at the riding house. A sign informs about Skönabäck's nature area with forest and lake. Most beautiful in the spring with all spring flowers, but probably find noble deciduous forest with autumn colors today.

It is a small area with some marked paths through the forest. Past the pastures, along the field, then we mix the red, blue and yellow trail to the southern part of the lake. Walks through forest in autumn colors. Depart to get to the shore of Lake Borgasjön. In the lake is a small fountain. On the other side is the Skönabäck Manor. Reed edging the beach. A lot of fungus in the forest, but none edible. Walking across a stream. A bridge crosses over to a small island.

Nice forest with views of the lake. There is a table, benches and trash can. Someone is out by boat, they seem to be fishing. It smells of cigarette smoke. A man comes walking, wondering if one one may fish in the lake. We do not know. Going out to the gravel road south of the lake, there is a place to park along the road.

Going outside the forest along a field edge, then takes the same path back. Go north of the lake west on a path towards the manor. Arrives at a sign "Private area". Flips. Dogs join us. The dog owner arrive. Ask her if one may fish in the lake. She does not know. We go to the car. Drive to Blentarp for a cappuccino and pastry at Wahlgren's bakery and café.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.542425, 13.523741