a small nature reserve at Blentarp on eastern slope of Romeleåsen, with a creek valley and sweeping views. Flowering cherry trees in the spring.

6 May 2020
Now that the cherry trees are in bloom, it is at its most beautiful on the Ramnakulla hills outside Blentarp. Empty on the parking lot. A pretzel by and a stile to the slopes. No grazing animals yet. The cherry trees are in full bloom, as are the Bird Cherry. Carpet with dandelion. Goes up to the tops, which are two. A little struggling. The view is vast. Lake Sövdesjön is glimpsed. Flowering trees in all directions. White in the foreground, white in the background. Goes down to the brook that is bubbling in the valley. Lots of Bird Cherry. Some Meadow Saxifrage . Sit us down with coffee under a cherry tree. A nice day. At the forest grove on the other side of the road, fallow deer graze. One last round before we drive on.

May 1, 2014
Rape field at the car park bloom. The cherry trees bloom. Goes up on top of the hills. The view to the north is outstanding. Can see the lake Sövdesjön. Eat homemade rhubarb pie with homemade vanilla sauce. Meadow Buttercup in bloom on the hillside. A cyclist is passing on the road. On the slope to the creek flowering cherry.

August 28, 2011: Drive the road from Blentarp towards Slimminge. After a curve pops up a hill on the right side. On the left is a parking lot. The hill consist of two hills, the highest 134 meters high. In to the reserve is stile. The hills are grazed by cows. At an elevation beneath the hills are rowanberry trees, the berries glow red. I begin by going down in the ravine. The brook is purling through the lush forest. It is wet, my boots are needed. Wade and follows the stream for a short distance. Wading back again. Leaving the forest and follows the slope of the hills. Fighting my way up to the highest hill. The view east is obscured by the front hill. To the west you see the slope of Romeleåsen. Houses are beautifully situated on the slope toward the creek. Going over to the front hill. The view is as nice as I remember from the last visit. Below the hill graze cows. Begins to walk down against them.

But, wait! That's a strong bull! Hesitates, bulls give respect. It looks at me. It looks nice, but no. I retire, over and behind the hill. Go to the other end of the paddock. I am clumsy, have to crawl under the fence. Walk on the road back to the parking lot. At the roadside blooming toadflax, I guess it is. At the car park tastes blackberries excellent. Drive to Maja's cafe in Veberöd and buy a cake with me home. It's birthday.