fish catch facility in Verkeån at Haväng. From the 1600s. Here was caught trout.

May 13 2012: Öradekaren is a fish trap, dating back to 1600's in Verkeån upstream from Haväng hostel. Follow the yellow trail from the hostel to a dirt road at a bridge, where you will enter the pastures and walk along the river up to the trap. The trap consists of stone-filled vats with small falls between. Over falls one blocked it with ribs. When the trout went up the river it jumped over the falls and hit the crossbar and fell into a catch box below. Today there are no ribs in the newly renovated facility. A memorial was erected after the renovation 2010.

I'm not alone here, a party is going over the falls and walk off towards Open Air Museum Lindgren wing. At the renovation was a fishway made past the falls to facilitate fish migration. In the center was formed an island. One side is paved, as a support I guess. It is a beautiful place to relax at. On the island blooms red campion. The sun is shining, the river is surrounded by spring greenery. Leisurely I go back to the hostel. At the river bird cherry blossoms. It is becoming evening, at the parking lot is a single motorcycle.