forested ridges north of Smedstorp. In the spring the ground is covered with anemones.

April 24, 2016
Wood anemones are still blooming. On the road between Smedstorp and Sankt Olof on Österlen is on the west side a parking lot to Listarum Ridge Nature Reserve.

If you follow the trail Gårdlösa eastward will you pass closed quarry, Today will it be west on the ridges. The ridges were formed during the last ice age. The weather forecast says rain the day ahead, now the sun shines. Wood anemones are in their glory. The ground is white between the trees. The birds are singing. It is spring.

Keeping an eye out for corydalis and lungwort. They can be found here. Find none. Leaves of hepatica, they are withered. A Twisted beech. Meets a few hikers.

A route through the forest. The ants have awakened. Then deciduous forest with carpet of anemones. Ramson is in bud. Honeysuckle has green leaves. Wood sorrel blossoms. Ivy climbing on trees. An opening in a fence leading out on a pasture. Adjacent is a parking. Sitting in the sunshine on a hill with anemones and have lunch.

Dark clouds threaten. Walking back. Begins to snow. The ground get even whiter. Flash and bang.
Drive Cafe Byvägen 35 in Sankt Olof. Cappuccino and cake. Buy grain bread with home. Passing on the way home Skåne Tranås. It has been snowing. Very slushy on the road.