north of Sjöbo. Hardwood forest where the soil is stained during the spring of wood and yellow anemones. Also hepatica can be found.

April 12, 2020
Puts the car on the parking pocket along road 13 at the exit to Bjärsjölagård. Goes a few hundred meters south. On the east side of the road is a house. There is a path north into Linneskogen (Ekskiftet). A wide path with a carpet of yellow and wood anemones. Fantastic splendor. You can hardly walk without stepping into the beautiful. Inside the forest, wood anemones bloom. Eventually there are only wood anemones on the path. The path ends at a rest table. We continue into the forest without a path. Somewhat bushy and with wood anemones. But also several fine and large stocks of hepatica. How nice. We walk over a stone fence and at the edge of a freshly harvested field. Arriving at the eastern part of Linneskogen (Lindskiftet). We are content to go into the hail-like part with wood anemones. Some big nice trees. Sitting by a stone fence and drinking coffee. Returns across the field. The farmer picks pebbles with a tractor. We climb over the stone fence and into the forest and back to the path. A small lungwort on the path. Takes a detour through the forest among wood anemones. Arriving the house at the entrance. At the house is a woman. "Isn't it beautiful in the woods!" she says. We ask if it is possible to park at the beginning of the path at the garbage bins. Yes, it's going well. But will probably only fit one car there.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.728463, 13.714628