Kaffestugan Alunbruket
coffee cottage in a half-timbered house which was built in the beginning of the 18th century as a housing for workers at Andrarums Alunbruk. East of Christinehof castle.

September 2, 2012: After studying the traces of Andrarums Alum works it is lunchtime. I go to the coffee house Alunbruket. It is housed in a half-timbered house from the 18th century when it was built as housing for the workers. After the works was closed in the early 20th century, the site became a popular destination and a woman began with coffee and homemade cakes. In that way it is, Skånes's oldest coffee house. A large company, which I think has been on a tour around the Alum work, have booked the space inside. It's beautiful weather and it is perfectly possible to sit outside. I order a herring sandwich and a cheese sandwich with elderflower & lemon marmalade and a light beer. At the next table sits a young couple who were hiking on Skåneleden and end with lunch here. A bit expensive but good, I get satisfied, and the environment is worth a little extra. It is a beautiful garden, among the flowers thrive butterflies. Peacock, brimstone and Admiral butterfly I see while I eat.

The coffee house is located in a small village where time seems to have stood still, with beautiful buildings. Though time has not stood still. In one of the houses, Verkalängan, is a bed and breakfast. In the garden greets a dog happily.

As an end of my trip I drive to Christinehofs castle to look at the castle and photo exhibition eagle eye, nice photos taken at Skåne from above. Photographer Christian Lindh has flown with his paraglider. In addition, afternoon tea in the castle café.

Kaffestugan Alunbruket
My excursion to the Alum works
Christinehofs slott och ekopark