south of Brantevik is an area of pasture and beach meadows. Here are traces of mining holes, where one first took silver and lead and later flourit.

May 6, 2017
Park at Hylkegården. Will have lunch later. Going over the road. There is parking for the area towards the sea. Over a fence to pastures. Ivy clings in the trees. Long stone walls. Going to the south through forests. Will soon come to the remains of the Jacob mine. Here in the 16th and 18th centuries, silver and later were broken. There was no profit. The mine was abandoned and waterfilled. After a man drowned in the water-filled mining shaft it was filled with stones. Today only a hollow in the field is visible. Looking for beautiful stones. Does not find any. Calves look curious.

In the sea stands fishermen. Continuing south. Towards land fields with dandelions, orchids, Meadow Saxifrage and Pasqueflower. There have been two more mines named Isaac and Abraham. Going north. Do not see any traces of them. Do not know exactly where they are. It is a beautiful rocky stretch of coast. Coming to a stone house. Turns back there. Meet a fisherman with a big sea trout. "It will end on the grill".

Vegetarian pie at Hylkegården. It takes time. They probably did not think the weather would be so nice. A lot of people. But good is it.