Humlarödshus fälad
is a species-rich nature reserve on Romeleåsen. Among other cows, oaks, orchids come together at the pasture, overlooking Vomb valley.

June 6, 2014
Drive over Romeleåsen to Dörröd and Romeleåsen Golf Club. Parks there. From here you can walk a kilometer to Humlarödshus pasture. At the pasture is room to set a car, but here it has plenty of room and one get a nice walk on Skåneleden until the pasture. Over a stile, up on a hill with the pasture and forest. Up on a hill with a view north.

I walk here in 2003 and saw a butterfly orchid in the pasture. Today's goal is to search for orchid more carefully. The trail leads to the edge of the forest next to the golf course. Over a stile, then along a fence. Over a stile and one is on the pasture.

The first thing you see is the butterfly orchid. One, one more and another one. Other orchids. Additionally, buttercups , thistle, yellow rattle, quaking grass. Take lunch in the shade of a tree.

Moving on over the pasture, lumpy and some swampy. More butterfly orchid and other orchids. In southern end towards the gravel road is a herd of cows. From the gravel road are views to the east. Walk the road to the western part of the pasture. Where there is a small parking lot.

Examines the western part of teh pasture. Tussocks and swampy. butterfly orchid and other orchids. Completes the pasture circle.

Going back to the car. Coffee and cake on the hill.