nature reserve at Svaneholm castle north of Skurup is a beech clad hill with nice flora.

April 28, 2013: My mini tulips bloom so nicely. This chilly lengthy spring has its positive sides, you have time. I drive over Romeleåsen to Svaneholm castle north of Skurup. There do I park at the castle's parking. From there it is a few hundred meters on a footpath up to a grassy road that goes to Hästhagen nature reserve. A beech overgrown hill. It will be interesting to see what springtime has to offer.

I follow the path up the hill. Yellow Anemone is about to unfold. Under the beech are carpets of wood anemone. There is a wide grass road, slightly lumpy and damp, to walk on. It may have been a forest road once. Now the lesser celandine and anemones are to take over. Lesser Celandine is not completely blooming yet. Sun shine between the bare trees. Dead tree trunks are yummy for insects. Some uprooted trees are full of water. A woodpecker keep watch over me. Wood anemones, anemones, one more anemone and I get mad. Beautiful it is.

I will leave the trail, going up a hill. Between the trees I look out over cropland. Following another grass road up to a creek. Wandering freely around in the white between fallen trees. Use one fallen trunk as lunch spot. Beech are tight, do not see the forest for all the trees. Still do the beech keep the leaf buds closed. A hillside covered with wild garlic, will be some time  before it blossom. Bird-in-a-bush blossom. Going back to the grass road. During the day the Lesser Celandine is blooming.

I drive home over Romeleåsen. Make a detour through Vismarlöv fabric & bakery for a doffee.