nature reserve south of Maglehem, a hilly moorland with typical moorland vegetation.

July 6, 2014
Leaving the car in the parking lot at Drakamöllans courtyard hotel. A farm dating back to the 1600s, it is today a courtyard hotel. Walk the narrow gravel road, follow a white marked trail. A stile leads out onto moorland.

Some women are on butterfly inventory. Do not know much about butterflies. Some Polyommatini flutter by. On the ground are large populations of wild thyme. On a slope bloom immortelle. The hills undulate. There are a lot of heather that is burned away, perhaps because it will else spread and take over? Diverges from the trail to greet a herd of horses walking in a pasture where Skåneleden is passing by.

There are dry grass heaths, in a slump is a lush water collection. Goes on a country lane, then across the moor back to the path. Some rustling, maybe a sand lizard? They'll be here. The slopes are composed of gravel and sand, memories from the time the ice melted. The path meanders between hardwood, up and down the slopes. There is a height difference of 50 meters.

The path goes down a slope, we turn and follows a stone wall back to Drakamöllans courtyard hotel. Yellow bedstraw is magnificent. A stile leading into the place by the side of the farm where one in midsummer has the opera festival.