Brösarps södra backar
hillsides with views at Brösarp. In the spring with beautiful flora, the most well known is the cowslips.

April 26, 2014
Good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast buffet in the Brösarp inn. Going along the road to the Brösarp southern hills. No stile in, have to crawl under the fence.

Continuing on the hills and get a beautiful view. The road winds between the slopes. To the west is beyond Brosarp the northern slopes. Cowslips decortes the hills. Isolated groups of pasqueflowers. Barbed wire and stone walls enclose pastures. No trails or stiles. Must crawl under the barbed wire. The slopes billow, large stocks of cowslips. A clump of ground full of cowslips. Follow the main road a short distance away. Coming up to the parking place. Surprisingly few cars in the parking lot. A few people strolling around. Going back up on the edge, In the east glimpse the sea. Cowslips of hillsides. On a slope is an orchid about to bloom. Enjoy the splendor and the weather. The distance is only about one kilometer, up and down, the view, flowers makes it a long time.

Find a stile into Brösarp, do not have to crawl under barbed wire. Eat a salad for lunch at the cafe Smulan. Some men have come from the west Skåne just to eat the cardamom buns. A lot of other things too it looks like.