outside Ystad was built in the 16th century, a defense facility with four mews surrounded by a lake in the north and otherwise by a moat. Today, the western and eastern wings remain.

July 9, 2020
Drive the road from Blentarp towards Ystad. Looking for a sign pointing to Bjersjöholm's old castle. See no one. Instead, take the highwaye E65. Lots of traffic, barely coming out. Quickly turn north into Bjersjöholm Castle. Sees no prohibition sign against it. The old castle is located north of the new one. Turn around a building and there is the old castle. Park on the pitch in front. Looks poorly maintained. The information sign cannot be read, the wooden floor by the sign is rotten. Full of grass and coppice in the yard. It was different during my visit on June 29, 1999, a hike on the Skåneleden:

"When you leave the forest, you see Bjersjöholm's castle ruin in the distance. Nowadays former ruin. After a long period of decay, they have begun to restore the castle. The plans are to set up a food museum, when as always depends on money. The closest you get food so far is a coffee in the cafe. Carl von Linne passed Bjersjöholm on his Scanian trip 250 years ago, tomorrow he will return due to this anniversary. Too bad I miss it."

The money did not come so there was nothing of this nice castle. It was built in the 16th century, a defense facility with four wings surrounded by a lake in the north and otherwise by a moat. The northern castle wing was demolished in 1790, the moat was filled in. Later the lake dried up, the piles on which the castle was built rotted and the castle got cracks. The northern and southern wings had to be demolished. Today, the western and eastern wings remain. A new castle was built next door in 1850.

On the eastern side is a stone tablet, with a religious motif, the builder's coat of arms and with the year 1576. In the north is an extension from the 1920s. A tower that can be a electricity station. There is a stone on the tower with the year 1924. On the cobbled courtyard is a manhole cover. All around is pasture, overgrown and stinging nettles, so we refrain from going out and seeing the castle in the distance. To the south are manor houses for the new castle.

All doors are locked except for a small room in the east gable. Maybe it's the castle church, because it is said to be open. Exciting to go in there. Looking in through windows to other rooms. In one there are some ceramic objects, i.a. Ystads lurblåsare. Swallows live under the roof. In front of the eastern wing is some rubbish. Sit down on a castle staircase to the west side for lunch and coffee. Lovely place.

Walk around. The Skåneleden trail still passes by. A sign shows that here is the parking lot. Hidden behind rebar is a sign "To the castle". Maybe you should come here via the gravel road from the north? The safest way is to take the same path back. At the exit towards Blentarp is a sign with pretzel. Looking again for a sign that leads to the castle from this direction. But no, there is none. Should be Bergsjöholmsvägen? A narrow gravel road. Comes past Ystad Zoo, the parking lot is crowded. No 50 person corona limit there.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.453318, 13.777274