Benestads backar
is a nature reserve in southeastern Fyledalen overlooking the valley. The fields is calcareous with marshes and dry fields, which gives a rich flora.

May 6, 2018:
Coming from Tomelilla. Just before Benestad's church is a gravel road on the right. After a short distance there is a parking for the Benestad Hills Nature Reserve. A gate leads into pastures.

Through a wet angle. Short boardwalk to a staircase. Along the staircase, the Cuckooflower blossom. Then free hiking on the slopes, overlooking the valley. Sometimes dry, sometimes marsh. There is a track but a bit wet today. A couple seem to look for fossil in the calcareous tufa. In the greenhouse in the botanical garden in Lund is a block with plant fossil from here. We are looking, find nothing.

Streams puddle down the slope towards Fyleån in the valley. On the slopes blossom the Cowslip, Pasqueflower, Bird's-eye Primrose and Marsh-marigold . In the river, canoeists slowly slip. Sitting down at a brook for coffee break. Further up to a sign "Animal welfare area" with access ban and camera surveillance. Turns back. Meet other visitors. A company enjoying the view.

1/5 2009: I set the car in the parking lot to the nature reserve Benestad hills of southern Fyledalen. Walk from there on a field and down a staircase. A marsh is beside the path, above the marsh is a slope with stones. After another staircase, I walk north on a path along the slope, with views of the flat valley. Cowslip covers the ground. Many rippling streams come down the slope towards the river Fyleån. In a stream can kalktuff (porous limestone) be seen. I stand a long while and look for eagles that are said to be here. I see no eagles but four red kites. I navigate around the slope, trying to avoid stepping on the flowers. Mostly Cowslip and Pasqueflower, some Bird's-eye Primrose. The botanically interested is sure to see more. The land consists of limestone, which makes plant life special. I sit down for an hour and listening to the sound of rippling brooks. Get a feeling of the mountains. Goes down on the pastures in the valley at the river Fyleån. In some places is it slightly wet. Passing through an area of Butterbur. Up on the slopes again. Families with children are on the way down. I drive to Benestad church, a little different with a separate tower. I cycled here twelve years ago, then I had coffee at Bybagar'n at Sövestad church. Drive there. Bybagar'n remains. Same owners. Coffee with raspberry pie.