the Gärsnäs – S: t Olofs Railway was completed in 1901. The traffic was shut down 1972. The track remains as it runs the dressin and is a museum railway.

20 February 2020: Banvallen Göllebosjön - St Olof, 8 km
Bus to Simrishamn. Get off the bus. Where's my hat? The bus is leaving. Have probably forgotten it on the bus. Cold wind, need a hat. Must be a shop in Simrishamn. Find Simrishamn's fashion house at Stortorget. "Do you have a hat for me". Buying one I fall for immediately. Half the price, do not even have to bargain. Sale. The Dahlin brand, later finds out that it is former football player Martin Dahlin's brand. Have a simple coffee at cafe Stinsen at the station waiting for my company and bus 574 at 10.45 to Gyllebo.

From there a short road walk to the railway and stop Gyllebosjö. Folds down the semaphore for the train to stop. There will be no train, the traffic was shut down 50 years ago (1972). The Gärsnäs – S: t Olofs Railway was completed in 1901. The track remains as it runs the dressin and is a museum railway. Fold up the semaphore again and start heading north towards Sankt Olof. In the summer you can cycle the dressin. A lot of sleepers need to be replaced. Has been done before, the old one is beside the embankment. Beginning in sun, clouds approaching. Trees have fallen over the track. Balances on sleepers and plank over a bridge. At intersections one must stop and walk. We're already walking. In a glade stands a table with benches that have seen better days. Through forest. The embankment is bordered by beautiful old stone fence. A sound! Put your ear to the track, no train. Along the railroad are old signs of slope and curves. A telephone pole is located down the rail. Pastures are surrounding. A marsh with trees, so nice. In the distance are houses and farmhouses. On one house stands "Grönhult". Has it been a station? A Burgundy snail has not lasted all the way. Still past pastures. Small spruce plants have taken root on the embankment. Not only we who use the embankment, a rod-walking woman. Through lush forest. Was this Mandelmann's picnic during dressin cycling? Maximum speed 20 probably means the sign. It's starting to rain. On with rain set. The track becomes slippery. We are approaching Saint Olof. Here ends our hike and the dressin cycling track. In the summer there is a museum railway with steam locomotive to Brösarp. Two and a half hours of hiking, leisurely pace as you want to see something.

Quarter to two. The last two servings of Vietnamese vegan soup on Byvägen 35 will be ours. A lot of people. Buying bread. Have with a walk in the community in the rain. My company has had a summer house here. Will be the ruin of a chapel 250 meters north of the church. Nothing interesting. Spending time with coffee and blueberry cheesecake on Byvägen 35. Takes the four-bus to Simrishamn. Then bus to Lund.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.597535, 14.211384