nature reserve northwest Simrishamn. Sandstone with ripple marks, ponds, grazed flat rock areas, former quarry.

September 12, 2015
Take in Tobisvik southern part onto a narrow road west to a parking. North of the parking is a disbanded quarry. Remains of the loading docks. On the edge of the quarry, behind the loading docks, are ribble mark. For 500 million years ago, this was the coastal seabed. The waves created wave pattern in the sand. These were covered by sand that washed out of the land and petrified.

Take the stony track down the quarry. Steep walls. A heart shaped of stones. Go up and round the quarry. In its western part are also ripple marks. Picking blackberries. Return to the path from the parking lot. Just to the west is a path to the south and stile to an area with ripple marks. In the east is the sea seen. Having lunch on the cliff edge towards the ripple marks.

Returning to the trail in the valley. Spiked Speedwell blossoms. Honeysuckle blossoms. Cliff is lining the path. Up there it is colorful. Past an open space with parking. Through the forest. Leaving the trail. Over a stile into a pasture. Much blackberry thicket. On the heathland to a country lane. Over a stile to the path again.

Through the forest. A trail goes up a slope to the land route. Step over a fence onto the flowering heathland. At the height is a fort remade as a lookout. Coffee with views of the heather and sea. Returning to the path. Past a pond. Coming up to the trail to the parking lot.

July 26, 2011: Just northwest of Simrishamn is a turn-off towards Bäckhalladalen, a narrow dirt road that ends at a parking lot. Walk the path through the woods. To the right is a former quarry, but we'll take to the left onto a barely visible trail. Stepping over a stile into an area of sandstone rock. The sandstone was formed 500 million years ago when this area was an ocean, wave movements formed a pattern, ripple marks. The ripple marks are clearly visible. Adjacent to it run a sharp edge of the cliff. Large rocks are lying around. The vegetation has taken hold in the crevices. Water flows between lush waterholes. On the horizon is Bornholm seen.

Returning to visit the disused quarry. Passing a pond, green tree frogs play here during the mating season. Bypasses abandoned weighing and loading docks. Goes up on the northern edge of the quarry, also here are ripple marks. The crests are beautifully green. Coming up and can look out over the quarry. Down there has somebody made a stone labyrinth. Go down on a rocky path. A single clump of heather welcome down there. Walk round along the edge of quarry. Can not find any fossils, perhaps nothing here. The area is larger, but the rest will be for another visit.