burial ground south of Kivik, with a stone ship, a large (Monetary tomb) and several smaller stone settings and two remains of prehistoric buildings.

January 4, 2014
On my Skåneleden Hiking 2002 between Vik and Kivik I visited briefly Ängakåsen and supposed to make a return visit to see the entire site which is a different ancient monument in the pasture east of the road between Kivik Grave and Kiviks cider. There is no parking lot, seet the car on a country lane. An angle passage is leading into the pasture.

Inside is a 60 meter long stone ship. In the middle forms two stones a transverse row between the ship's sides. To the east on the other side of a pond is a round stone circle, 23 meters in diameter. In the middle is a small pile of rocks on which it stands a stone. It is cracked in three parts, someone got the idea in the 1920s to use it in a bridge structure. Adjacent to the country lane are two smaller stone circles. South of the ship setting is what, according to the information plate are called hustomtningar. Rectangular areas demarcated by low gravel and stone walls. Has probably been houses here. There are also a number of more or less visible graves. Some of the graves are dated to the Late Bronze Age (1100-500 BC).

The sun descends. Exits to follow the country lane to the sea. Down there is a small harbor. Kåse means just port. On the rocks out in the water stand a man and fish.