Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Alnarpsparken

22/5 2009: I bicycle to Alnarp via the bicycle route to Malmö. North of Åkarp is a nice mile stone. In Åkarp I turn west to Alnarp. In Alnarp is the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Alnarp Park. The fallen oak that was in front of the castle is gone, but the information plate about the life in a dead oak remains. I walk to the other side of the castle. Chinese Wisteria that covers the facade is still flowering. At the corner flowers a Judas Tree. The Laburnum tree on the lawn is it not allowed to climb in any longer, but one can still enjoy the blooms. The scent is hard to miss, Ramsons is in full flower in the woods. A tree trunk sofa invites you to a short rest. Buttercups lights up the meadows. On a meadow is a handsome chestnut. There are many who like me walk around in the park. I go into the area with trees, shrubs, flowers. A flowery bush with large flowers welcomes me. Pink-Flowering Dogwood, Swedish Whitebeam, Purple sensation, and many other flowers. I make a short visit to Tor Nitzelius park with vegetation from different parts of the world. I walk to the pond and eat my lunch among rhododendrons. In the perennial garden is it flowering, there is something called "superbom". Many things I do not know. The clock has become one and the agricultural museum has opened. Old tractors, including an Iveltractor from 1905, combine harvesters, a locomobile (steam engine that operated a threshing machinery) from 1899, milking machines, tools from the 18th century. Via touch-sensitive screens can one see old movies from the old days. Interesting museum, it is not many generations ago when Sweden was a highly agricultural country. Bicycles home via Lönnstorp, Mariedal, Trolleberg.

Alnarp museum
Alnarp - acricultural university