Millstone circular walk is a ten kilometer hike at Stockamöllan, past quarries at Vittseröd where millstones were made. In the forests are remnants of quarries and millstones.

February 22, 2015
Sets the car at the ICA store in Stockamöllan. From here starts a number of hiking trails. Millstone trail passing several quarries at Vittseröd where millstones were produced. In the forests are remnants of quarries and millstones.

The Road to the Industrial Museum are lined with millstones. Goes way to the Stenbock Stone. A memorial to Magnus Stenbock army passage the Rönne River in 1710 before the Battle of Helsingborg. Table of millstone. Nice view of Rönne ridge valley. Following the white trail markings. First, with the yellow part, then black. Where you come to a forest road is the white markings north.

Along the road is a large millstone. Finds in the woods west of the road a millstone, completely moss-covered. Later, east of the road, are the remains of a quarry with several millstones. The walls of what was a blacksmith standing. There tools were repaired.

The road turns east. At a clearcut near the highway to Hallaröd are several pits and millstones. In a millstone hang a skull from some animal on a stick.

Approximately one hundred meters to the north on the road the trail goes east on a forest road. South of the road is a water-filled quarry. Nextby are millstones, one is surrounded by a metal belt. Becomes confused at an intersection. Where? Take a chance on the road to the east, after a few hundred meters is a marker to the south on a trail in the woods.

Here is a quarry and millstones. A half-finished millstone, millstones on line. Pits and water-filled quarry. It is a beautiful forest. The markings pointing is strange. A path without marking leads out onto the forest road. There is an arrow into the path, the idea is probably to walk in the opposite direction.

The road is leading to the highway. Boring to walk on. Passing by a farm with a stonehouse of walled millstones. On the back a small road to Stockamöllan. Taking coffee break at the river at a closed mill building. Over the road and to a manor path. Overgrown pond with millstones, table of millstone and aview from Stockamöllan mansion.